Working and meeting new people is a massive advantage that this passion has given me 

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My Background

My passion for creative film making is shown best when i can fully immerse myself into a project. Showing my creative mind is something i love to do and will continue to do as long as i can. Having filmed many of my own projects and delving deeper into the world of film making i have managed to gain a vast amount of knowledge. I also have been able to put this into practice by working and making videos for many client’s such as The British Army ,Crossfit skipton, Nanoleaf, Epic Volume, Kingston Coffee and many more.

My Discover humans series has been great to meet different people around the world and tell there stories in a Unique way. Some of the people i have managed to film include Graphic Designer and Photographer Paulina Stopka, Pro BMX rider Pinder Singh, World Callisthenics champion Jay Chris, Professional Dancer Hannah Kersley and many more to come.

My profession

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