Below are some projects i have worked on including my latests short documentary ‘SHARPS EDGE’ a mountain bike short film.

Also is my Discover Humans (DSCVR HMNS) series where i document the extraordinary activities of certain individuals. DSCVR HMNS 3 was a culmination of meeting different people over the course of about 8 months and creating a piece which was shown in a presentation in front of many professional photographers.

There are also some videos i have created for clients including the Epic Volume “Boys of summer” cover music video. This was a first music video i got the pleasure of directing and working with a team of 6 film makers.

SHARPS EDGE brings to you the story of KJ Sharp. An avid Mountain biker from Barnoldswick UK, 24 yr old KJ has been riding bikes for just over 3 years. Working part time as a self employed nutritionist KJ spends most of her free time training in the gym and riding, either to improve or compete she is always looking for ways to push herself to become better.
This year i have had the pleasure of working with many people. Photographing them and filming them, all culminating in a project i made for work, but more importantly to inspire people to pursue a passion because you never know where it may take you...